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PanoTaur is application primarily intended to be used as Virtual Tour software, great for viewing real live panoramas as well as digital models. You can create indoor and outdoor projects, small or big with no real limitations. Basic principle of this application is quality visualization and integration of panoramas. We offer many different services, but two major one are:

  • On demand creation of Virtual Tours
  • Manual creation of Virtual Tours

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Desktops and Laptops

Explore Panotaur virtual tours on desktop or laptop computer browser.

Smartphones and tablets

Enjoy Panotaur on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, without sacrificing quality.

Virtual reality (VR) devices

Combining above mentioned platforms with VR devices, Panotaur is VR compatible for added enjoyment.


Some of our projects

Ski Resort Divčibare

Divčibare is well known mountain-tourist place which is situated on the mountain Maljen near Valjevo. It is located 38km south of Valjevo and 107km from Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. Altitude of Divcibare is 980 meters above the sea level. The highest top of the mountain is 1104m and it is called Kraljev sto. Ski resort have 2 ski slopes Crni Vrh and Center.
Ski slope Crni vrh contains an artifical snow system. Lenght of the track is 850 metres. It has two-seater cableway capacity of 1200 skiers per hour. Height difference between top and bottom of slope is 180 metres. Ski slope is counted into red category of difficulty and is recommended for more skilled skiers.
Lenght of ski slope Center is around 600 meters. Height difference between top and bottom of slope is around 100m. This slope has a ski lift capacity of 700 skiers per hour.
Divčibare is also attractive for tourists in summer and that makes it one of the most popular resorts in Serbia.

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On demand creation by our team, with project hosting on our server.

On demand

On demand creation by our team, and exporting the project.


Manual creation of projects with your unique account, using full potential of our engine.

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Developed by

Panotaur is developed by a team of proffesionals working for the Geotaur company with headquarters in Belgrade Serbia and Perth Australia respectively. Geotaur is engineering company, primarily working in the field of geodesy, laser scanning, 3D modelling and software development with 1 vision, 100% dedication and unlimited number of ideas.

Dedication may be the key factor of our success alongside hard work.

Experience of our team is what separates us apart from others.

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